Third year in Paris

Hot for Saxophone is back in Paris for another (third) year, trying to hang in with the all saxophonists who travel from afar in search of the saxophonistic enlightenment.

When I moved to Paris two years ago, I came imagining a veritable saxophone heaven: countless concerts of interesting music performed masterfully by the likes of Delangle, Goury, Wirth, David, Prost, as well as some of the best students in the world. I hoped to eventually gain membership in this exciting cutting-edge community, and in the process to find definitive solutions to the many challenges we face.

While the reality of “the french school” is very different and probably impossible to communicate, I believe this information to be extremely valuable and that it merits a serious attempt. It is easy to rave about the advantages of studying in Paris and to make a convincing case that the few who come gain membership in a small elite group and benefit from insider information that is unattainable for any outsider. It has turned out that to give an honest, insightful, critical account is much more difficult and risky. The reality is that there are significant problems, and the benefits that exist are often subtle and elusive.

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